Spring Edition 2018


After hosting at Magazzini Generali, the organizers decided to move Filler’s upcoming spring edition to Santeria Social Club for the second time. SSC is a big indoor place that serves as one of the most lively and creative hubs in Milan.

Located in Viale Toscana 31, across from the campus of Bocconi University and near Vettabbia park, quite close to the area of the ex-railway yard of Porta Romana that gathers so many impor- tant organizations such as Fondazione Prada, Fondazione Filarete, Centro Pompeo Leoni and IED, Santeria Social Club spreads onto 108.000 sq. ft. and houses a big bar with kitchen, a theatre area with stage, an arts and crafts laboratory, a co-working area, a shop and a conference room.

Thanks to all of this (and more), Santeria Social Club is the perfect location for the 2018 Spring Edition of Filler, and there’s no doubt about it!


Artists line-up, exhibitions, workshops and live performances to be announced.


Venerdì 13 – 15.30 – 00.00
Sabato 14  – 12.00 – 00.00
Domenica 15 –  11.00 – 20.00


SPONSORS: Vans, Liquitex Artist Materials

OFFICIAL HASHTAGS – #fillerdiy #fillerse18