Here’s the line-up of the artists who are going to join the convention with their artworks and live paintings, and will definitely make this Filler an unforgettable one!

The 3 day convention will host a live painting session with artists on heavy rotation: their performances will be literally projected on the walls, both inside and outside the venue.

As usual, workshops will take place too: a screenprinting workshop (for those who have already experienced it) held by Daniel Tummolillo of 27 Screenprinting Factory and a brand new one held by the master of pinstriping and vintage car decoration Roberto Larogna of Custom Design, who is going to take you to the world of custom sign painting – the traditional one linked to the American signs – by teaching you those basic steps you really need to know in order to create stylish letterings, using just your brush.
Last but not least, an incredible exhibition by the Swiss collective Poster Bazar: Michel Casarramona and Märt Infanger will be there as well. Crazy illustrations and super stylish artworks in just one and unique poster explosion.

There’s more to come though… keep in touch to stay updated!

ANDREAVy (I), Asis Percales Underground (ES), Bene Rohlmann (DE), Benjamin Broschinski (DE), Clockwork Pictures (I), Nokes Django (I), Exem(I), Federica Carioli (I), Federico Epis (I), Forc1n (I), Hell Sandro
(I), Here Comes The Poverty (I), Istinto Handmade Screenprinting (I), Kuba Sokólski (Pl), Lorenzo “Floatingtummy”;
Bresciani (I), MONDO ZERO (FR), Nutty Print (I), Progetto Stigma (I), (Pablo Cammello + Spugna +
Akab + NovaPoster Bazar (CH) feat. Michel Casarramona &; Märt InfangerSerimal (I)

The FILLER BRIGADE : Alberto Becherini, Alberto Brunello, Alessandra De LorenzoDaniele MargaraGozer VisionsMassimiliano Marzucco aka I Am A Teenager, Irene MéchanteMichele GuidariniOfficina Infernale,

Digital live paitings by: MadkimeLuca Yety BattagliaStefano Cerioli, Stay Dirty, Roberto Brasca and more…

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